5 ways to keep humidity from ruining your hair style

Summer is officially here and it is hot! I’m not complaining because during the winter I was praying for some warm weather. Well I definitely got my wish!

With all this sunshine comes the inevitable humidity that turns our hair from sleek and shiny into a ball of frizz.

black woman preventing frizzy hair due to humidity

Here are my top 5 tips to help you keep humidity from ruining your style.

1. Make sure your hair is properly hydrated 

When your hair is dehydrated, you’ll find that it’s hard to maintain a style and it’s hard to get very much curl definition. Healthy, moisturized hair behaves better overall, and is also less likely to absorb water from the air. This means less frizz. Make sure you are cleansing your hair every 1-2 weeks and keeping up with your deep conditioning treatments so that you have a good base to work from no matter what style you’re wearing.

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2. Leave your twists/braids in longer before wearing a twist-out or braid-out

The longer you let your style “set”, the more definition you’ll get and the longer the style will last. I like to leave my twists in for at least a few days before unraveling for a well-defined twist-out that can stand up to a little humidity.

black woman and child prevent frizzy natural hair during summer

3. Use a mousse or gel for extra hold

If you find that your hair tends to frizz no matter what you do, adding a little mousse or gel to your style can help it withstand the elements. Use gel if you’re doing a wash and go, or mousse for a braid-out or twist-out. 

black woman gets frizzy natural hair on beach

Curl creams are another option, but they won’t give you the same amount of hold. If you want your style to last for a few days, gel or mousse is a better option. 

4. Be careful when unraveling your twists or braids

Put a little oil on your fingers and unravel in the same pattern as your braids or twists. Do not just pull your hair apart. If you don’t separate carefully, your hair will be frizzy before you even step outside. Have some patience and give yourself a fighting chance.

black woman uses fan to prevent frizzy natural hair

5. Use a blow dryer instead of air drying

This is especially important if you’re wearing a wash and go. You want to set your style as quickly as possible before your hair has a chance to frizz. A blow dryer or hooded dryer will give you better results than allowing your hair to air dry.

If you’re wearing twists or braids, air drying is ok. Do keep in mind that your hair will shrink more if it air dries, so if you want maximum length, blow drying is still a better choice.

black woman with natural hair in humid climate

Follow these tips to keep your hair camera ready even when it’s hot and humid outside! Need more help with your hair? Sign up for my email list where you can email me directly with all your hair care questions.

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