Are you happy with your hair or just settling?

Oh boy, I really went back and forth with myself before writing this article because Lord knows I don’t want you guys to take this the wrong way. But it needs to be said, so here we go.

I spend a lot of time looking around on social media, and talking to people in person about their hair. One thing that I find over and over again is women who have taken the plunge and gone natural. They’re trying desperately to learn to care for their hair texture, they’re working on giving up those Eurocentric beauty standards and they really want to love their hair the way God made it and not feel the need to constantly straighten it or alter it in some way.

woman with natural hair

Let me say that I LOVE this! I absolutely love it. I want every black woman to love her natural self and know that there is not a single thing wrong with her hair, whether it’s curly, kinky, or somewhere in between, it’s all beautiful.

I’m constantly preaching about how you need to learn to work with your natural curls instead of fighting against them and trying to beat them into submission. You cause so much damage to your hair by trying to make it do something it just wasn’t meant to do, so I applaud anyone who is doing the work to change their mindset around all of the negative stereotypes surrounding black hair.

BUT!! There is a but here ladies, and it’s a big one. Embracing your natural hair texture does not mean that you have to walk around looking like you just rolled out of bed and went about your day without even glancing in the mirror. There, I said it.

You can embrace and love your natural kinks and curls, but that doesn’t mean you also have to embrace dry, dull, stiff, damaged hair! I fear that for some of us, we have internalized all of the negative messaging around our hair for so long, that we believe that our hair is just “bad” and there’s nothing we can do but accept it. We think that black hair is just dry, unmanageable, won’t grow, and that self love means accepting our damaged hair as it is. This is NOT TRUE!!

We need to separate naturally curly or kinky hair from damaged hair. They are not one and the same. Just because you have type 4 hair does not mean your hair can’t grow, and it doesn’t mean your hair has to look and feel dry, stiff, and lifeless.

What happens when we get this confused? We go around from day to day with our hair looking a mess and then when we have an important function to attend or we just want to feel beautiful for a few days, what do we do? Get a weave, get a silk press, wear a wig, or get our hair braided. What message does that send? That we are defying societies expectations by wearing our natural hair proudly, but if we need to look good we have to hide our hair away.

Your natural hair can be classy, elegant, professional, or it can be fun, whimsical, or quirky. Kinky hair is so versatile that you really can achieve whatever kind of look matches your personal or professional style. The basis for any of the above is healthy hair. Once your hair is healthy, well hydrated, and moisturized you will find that you don’t have settle for forcing yourself to love a look that doesn’t really feel like it fits you.

woman with curly hair

At Indara Naturals, I don’t promote products that will take your tight kinks and turn them into loose flowing curls. Our specialized organic hair products are made to bring out the best in your hair. Yes you do still need to move away from the idea that straight hair is better, and learn to love your natural curls. But you also need to know that dry, brittle hair is not the best you can do.

Your hair needs natural products with quality ingredients that are formulated for hydration, moisture, and growth. Not products that are made with cheap fillers and a tiny bit of active ingredient that actually does nothing for your hair and can actually make your problems worse. 

I’m proud of you for embracing what God gave you. Let’s take the next step and treat yourself to products that repair any damage that’s been done to your hair and restore it to it’s intended glory.

indara naturals repair and restore bundle

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