Do you need a pre-shampoo treatment?

Who needs a pre-shampoo oil?

Pre-shampoo treatments help prevent shampoo from drying out your hair. Some people use conditioner as a pre-shampoo treatment. I prefer oil for several reasons:

  • Oil is much quicker and easier to apply than conditioner
  • Indara Naturals Pre-shampoo oil strengthens and protects the hair as well as softening and making it easier to detangle
  • Oils are beneficial for scalp health
  • The effects of conditioner are removed by the shampoo – this is a waste of product

Indara Naturals 100% Organic Pre-Shampoo Oil is made with six organic oils that strengthen and protect the hair. Here are some ways you can use this oil in your hair care routine:

  • Apply to hair at least 15 minutes prior to washing – use if your hair is dry, matted, or if you plan to blow dry after your wash
  • Apply a few drops to your ends 2-3 times a week to protect against split ends
  • Apply a few drops to wet hair prior to twisting or braiding

Adding this quick, simple step to your wash routine is a game changer for soft hair and it only take a few minutes!

Click here to see how I apply the oil to my hair.

A little of this oil goes a long way! When I say a few drops, I literally mean a few drops. You don’t need to saturate your hair with this oil. A light coating is plenty.

A few customers have shared with me that they also use the pre-shampoo oil as a body oil. The ingredients are great for dry skin and blemishes and it smells amazing!

You can find our pre-shampoo oil here or as a bonus in our large size Repair and Restore Bundle.

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