Why you should stop using grease (and what to use instead)

Are you still using grease on your scalp? Did you know that there’s a better way to keep your scalp moisturized and speed up your hair growth? 

Like many of you, I grew up with my mom greasing my scalp after every wash day. Who remembers the black coal tar grease that smelled like gasoline? I know it wasn’t just me.

black woman with natural hair uses hair grease

The goal of hair grease is to keep your scalp from being dry and flaky, and some products contain ingredients like sulfur to promote hair growth. The problem is that these products also contain tons of other ingredients that are terrible for your hair and scalp.

What's in Hair Grease?

Petroleum jelly

Also known as petrolatum or paraffin jelly, this ingredient is found in many products marketed towards black women. Petroleum jelly coats the hair and prevents moisture from penetrating the hair and scalp. The only way to get it out of your hair is to use harsh shampoos that strip moisture from the hair and make it even more dry. This excessive dryness leads to split ends and breakage. If you have a scalp condition such as eczema or psoriasis, petroleum jelly can make it worse.

petroleum jelly is bad for natural hair

Mineral oil

This is another ingredient similar to petroleum jelly that seals the hair and prevents moisture from entering the hair. This ingredient also has to be removed with a strong shampoo. The heavy nature of products containing mineral oil and petroleum jelly means they cause product buildup on the scalp and can lead to itching and scalp irritation.


Lanolin is used for dry skin or lips, and is made from sheep’s wool. Similar to petroleum, lanolin blocks moisture from entering your hair and can lead to product buildup.

What's better than grease?

Instead of grease, natural essential oils are a much better option for soothing your scalp, preventing dryness, and reducing itchiness or flaking. Indara Naturals Organic Growth Oils are lightweight, easily absorbed into the scalp, and won’t weigh down the hair or cause product buildup.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory properties of these natural oils, they also stimulate the hair follicles to promote faster hair growth and regrowth in areas of hair loss.

These oils can be applied every few days and massaged into the scalp, or they can be applied overnight and washed out the next morning.

If you’re still using grease, it’s time to let it go. Upgrade to a natural product that's healthier for your skin and hair!

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