How to Get Heatless Curls With Flexi Rods

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Video Transcript:

Hi guys, I’m Keonna from Indara Naturals and in this video I’m going to show you how I get heatless curls on my straightened hair using flexi rods.

So first of all I’m not using any product on my hair before I get started. If I were using these on my natural hair or on blow dried hair then I would use a wrap foam or a setting lotion for hold.

I can do a separate video on how I get curls with flexi rods when my hair is not straight because the process is a little different, but on straight hair you don’t need to add any product.

First, you want to section your hair. Your hair length, the length of the rods, and the diameter of the rods will help you determine how big your sections should be. One you have your section ready, start at the ends and place the hair towards the back of the roller.

As you roll upwards you’ll spread the hair out towards the front of the roller. You don’t need to make the flexi rods too tight at the root, or it will feel uncomfortable. Just roll upwards until you start to feel the roller pulling on your roots, then secure the roller by bending both ends upwards towards each other. 

I find this method of achieving heatless curls using flexi rods to be really, really easy. I hear a lot of people say that they have difficulty using flexi rods, but for me they are much easier to use than plastic rollers or perm rods.

When my hair is curly, I find that flexi rods get my hair a lot smoother than traditional rollers or mesh rollers that are secured with pins. Flexi rods are my favorite way to get curls in my hair without using any heat.

Now, if your hair is very short, then perm rods or or other traditional rollers might be easier to work with. However, for hair that is shoulder length or longer, flexi rods are the easiest way to get heatless curls.

Flexi rods are available in multiple sizes. I use the purple ones that are ¾ of an inch in diameter. I also use the gray ones that are 11/16 of an inch – so a little bit smaller than the ones in the video, but that’s the smallest size I use.

The diameters of flexi rods vary from the smallest ones, which are a quarter of an inch, up to the largest size, which is one and a quarter inches.

Flexi rods also come in different lengths, so you can use a shorter or longer roller depending on the length of your hair.

There are a lot of different vendors who sell these so you can pick them up at any beauty supply or you can order them online from Amazon or whatever site you prefer.

Another advantage of getting curls with flexi rods is that you don’t have to use as many rollers. Here, I used 7 or 8, but sometimes I just use 4 or 5 and I still get good results.

I also find that when I use the flexi rods, I don’t have to leave them in for as long to get a long lasting curl compare to other kinds of rollers.

For this style, I tied the flexi rods down with my silk scarf and left them in overnight. The video picks up the next morning, and you can see that the take down process is also really simple. You just unfold the flexi rod and unroll it.

And then you can see my final results. I left the rollers in for 7-8 hours and I didn’t really separate the curls because I find that they fall on their own throughout the day.

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