Hydrating Scalp Detox

Ayurvedic Clay Wash | Rhassoul Clay Hair & Scalp Cleanser


Dry curls? Itchy scalp? Untamable frizz? Our Ayurvedic Clay Wash is moisturized curls in a jar!

This deep cleansing hair and scalp dextox is used in place of shampoo (or between shampoos). Unlike shampoo, which can strip or dry out the hair, this Rhassoul Clay mask leaves your hair feeling clean and soft while enhancing your curl definition.

Ayurvedic herbs like Bhringraj and Neem exfoliate the scalp, slow the hair's aging process, and stimulate the hair follicles.

Organic apple cider vinegar cleanses the hair and scalp, balances your scalps pH, gives the hair shine and prevents dandruff.

Organic aloe vera conditions and moisturizes the hair and scalp.

We recommend cleaning your hair with a clarifying shampoo immediately before your first clay wash. This will remove any residual chemicals (silicones, artificial fragrances, etc) from other products that you have used in your hair.

If you use Indara Naturals products exclusively, you will not need to shampoo before each clay treatment.

Follow the clay wash with our Honey Hibiscus Deep Conditioner. This intense deep conditioning treatment is unlike anything you've tried in the past! It's lightweight, creamy, and penetrates the hair shaft to provide long lasting moisture from the inside out.

Use the clay weekly or monthly for optimum hair and scalp health.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Distilled Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Glyceryl Stearate (plant based), Propanediol (plant based), Organic Brahmi, Organic Ashwaghanda, Organic Bhringraj, Organic Neem, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Glyceryl Oleate Citrate (plant based), Capric Triglyceride (plant based), Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride (plant based), Cetearyl Alcohol (plant based), Xanthan Gum, Gluconolactone (plant based), Sodium Benzoate (plant based), Phenoxyethanol (paraben/formaldehyde free preservative), Caprylyl Glycol (plant based), Sorbic Acid (food grade preservative), Organic Essential Oil Blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I love these products. My hair has grown, and my edges are growing back in.

Moisturizing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

All the products have been a game changer for my hair. Moisturizing and easy to apply. Love the clay wash!! Thank you for working so hard to bring these products to us! May you have continued success and wonderful testimonials!

O Robinson
Repair and Restore Bundle

I simply love Indara Naturals. It has been the amazing for me. I've been natural for 4 years now and it has taken me 4 years to find what works for me. My hair routine has become enjoyable and not stressful. The clay wash is my "holy grail " it has just about eliminated my tangles. The deep condition has hydrated and the leave-in has softened my hair. I'm happy that Indara Naturals came up in my YouTube suggestions. Next purchase will be the growth oil.

Clyde Anderson
Very Impressed

I love the smell, the texture and the softness of my hair.

A Miracle

I call the Indara Natural a miracle Product because it definitely has been a blessing for me and other people . I was online some years ago and began reading about a young lady named Keonna. She saw the need to help people like me to restore our hair. My hair that had been damaged due to wearing wigs and buying over the counter products that that only damaged the hair and scalp more. I had been using over the counter products and wearing hair pieces which destroyed my natural hair, I thought then that there was nothing that can help me until I read about Miss Keonna. She studied very hard and began to understand what were the best ingredients to combine in her product to help us to restore our natural hair. The product she made is named Indara Natural because the ingredients are organic and some of the best ingredients that has helped me and a lot of people to grow and condition our hair and scalps.. There is a bundle which consists of a clay wash, hibiscus honey deep cleaning conditioner, the argon leave in conditioner and the extra strength organic oil. The Priducts are the best that I have had the opportunity to use. I’m so very grateful for Miss Keonna to have taken her time and t her talents to produce such a miracle. It has worked wonders for me and a lot of us in the world. I will only use Indara Natural because of the excellent quality and the fact that it is a very great product to use and it has helped me and many others to see great results with the Indara Natural products.
Thank you Miss Keonna for introducing Indara Natural to the world only a genius who is blessed by God can do this.

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