Are your genetics keeping your hair from growing?

How long have you been trying to grow out your hair?

Have you been trying to reach your goal length for more than 6 months? More than a year?

Do you keep getting to a certain length and then getting stuck?

Have you heard that it's your genetics? Everyone's hair length is pre-determined and you just didn't win the genetic lottery, right?

If you know me, you already know I'm going to tell you that's BS (bad science, of course!)

Yes, your genetics do affect your hair growth, but if your hair is not growing past your shoulders, guess what? That's not your mom and dad's fault. It's bad products and bad hair care practices.

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Phases of Hair Growth

Now it is true that everyone has what's called a "terminal length" - a point at which your hair will not get any longer. Your terminal length is determined by genetics. For most people, that length is mid back or longer. It is very unlikely that your terminal length is above your shoulders (assuming you don't have a medical condition that affects your hair).

There are 3 stages of hair growth: anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The anagen phase is when the hair is actively growing. New hairs are formed and the hair grows at an average rate of ½ inch per month. Hairs can remain in the anagen phase for 2-6 years.

Next is the catagen phase. Growth stops during this phase, which only last for about 3 weeks.

Finally the hair enters the telogen phase. During this phase, the hair is at rest. If you pull a hair that is in the telogen phase you will notice a white bulb at the root. This phase lasts for a little over 3 months. You experience normal daily shedding of hairs that are in the telogen phase.

All of your hair does not enter every phase at the same time. If it did, we would all go through periods of complete baldness every few years. Instead, about 3% of your hair is in the catagen phase at any given time. Around 8% of your hair at any time is in the telogen phase. The remaining 89% of your hair is in the growing or anagen phase.

Your terminal length is determined by how long your growing phase lasts, as well as how long your hair grows each month during the growing phase.

If your hair grows 0.5 inches per month and your growing phase lasts for 2 years, your hair will easily grow to at least 12 inches during that time.

woman with long curly hair

How can you grow longer hair?

If your goal is to grow longer hair, you want to make sure you are maximizing your growth phase. Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy foods, exercising, and massaging your scalp daily can all help promote healthy hair growth.

You can also use an essential oil blend to speed up your hair’s monthly growth rate. This 100% organic growth oil from Indara Naturals can be used 2-3 times a week to stimulate your hair follicles and increase hair growth.

Length Retention

Another important part of hair growth is length retention. As your hair is growing, you want to keep it in good condition to reduce the amount of hair that has to be cut due to split ends, knots, and other damage.

Good hair care practices like sleeping with a silk or satin scarf, using low or no heat, and deep conditioning regularly will help prevent damage to your hair. This will ensure that your hair stays healthy during the growing phase.

It is also important to avoid wearing tight hairstyles like braids and ponytails that stress the hair follicle and shorten the anagen phase.

Hair Products

Hair products that contain harsh chemicals, dyes, and artificial fragrances can also damage the hair and the hair follicles. If you are having trouble growing your hair, you should make an effort to use high quality products with natural ingredients that hydrate and moisturize the hair.

The Repair and Restore Bundle is formulated to do just that. Each product contains organic ingredients that hydrate the hair, stimulate hair growth, and promote a healthy scalp.


While genetics do play a role in hair growth, there are things that you can do to increase or reduce the length of your hair. If you are not utilizing healthy hair practices and high quality hair products, your hair will not be able to grow to it's maximum length.

If your hair is not growing past a certain length, here are 4 questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you eating a healthy diet and drinking enough water? Unfortunately, what you eat does affect your hair. 
  • What kinds of hair products are you using? If your products are full of synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals, you're going to have a harder time growing long hair.
  • How often are you using heat on your hair? Hopefully not more than once a month - less is better.
  • Are you taking care of your ends? You should be moisturizing your ends at least a few times a week and trimming on a regular schedule.

If you're doing all these things correctly and still not making progress, send an email to and let’s discuss how we can get your hair on the right track.

And if you're ready for products that can give your hair growth a boost, click here to shop our line of organic hair care products formulated just for kinky/curly hair.

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