Spearmint Oil for Hair Growth

The spearmint plant has been known for thousands of years for its therapeutic benefits to the body, skin, and hair. What makes this aromatic herb so special? Read on to find out!

If you’ve been struggling with hair loss or trying to grow your hair longer, you know how frustrating it can be to try potion after potion and purchase every new hair product in order to try to get just a few extra inches.

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Hair Growth Basics

The average person’s growth rate is ½ inch per month. This means that at best you could see 6 inches of total growth in a year. For most people this would be the difference of your hair growing from shoulder length to bra strap or mid back length in a year.

Now of course, ½ inch per month is an average. That means some people’s hair might grow ¼ of an inch each month and some people may have hair that grows ¾ of an inch each month. Everyone is different.

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Essential Oils for Growth

One natural remedy that has been scientifically proven to accelerate your hair’s monthly growth rate is essential oils. Essential oils such as rosemary oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil are natural oils that can be extracted from plants for internal or external use.

Essential oils are an excellent hair growth booster in part due to their antifungal and antibacterial nature, which are great for maintaining scalp health.

Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe itching and scalp irritation. Essential oils also penetrate the scalp, increase blood circulation, and provide direct stimulation to the sluggish hair follicles.

It’s important to note that essential oils do not work for everyone. Even though the oils are plant based and all natural, some people can be allergic to the oils or have a skin condition that prevents them from using the oils.

You should always do a patch test on a small area of skin to check for any reaction prior to using essential oils on your scalp.

Another very important thing to remember is that essential oils must be diluted before you apply them to your skin! These oils are very potent and should never be applied directly to you skin or hair. Any essential oil should be blended with jojoba oil, argan oil, or another carrier oil before use.

Spearmint Oil

Spearmint essential oil is a popular oil that can be used for growth. This plant grows naturally in wet environments like creeks and swamps and is native to Asia and Europe. Its scientific name is Mentha spicata. Spearmint is closely related to peppermint, but has a sweeter, milder scent and flavor profile.

Traditionally, spearmint has been used as an effective treatment for ailments ranging from indigestion and pain relief to nausea and memory loss. Spearmint tea has been known to cure vomiting and to reduce facial hair in women.

Although the United States Food and Drug Administration has not approved spearmint oil or any other essential oil for the treatment of health conditions, there is anecdotal evidence that these oils are helpful for the at home treatment of some minor medical conditions. 

Of course the property that spearmint is most well known for is its sweet smell, which makes it an ideal ingredient in toothpaste, mouthwash, and breath mints.

Spearmint oil is made using steam distillation. This is an oil extraction method which combines the plant material with water and heats the mixture to produce steam.

The steam then flows through the plant and removes the therapeutic compounds that are found inside the spearmint leaves. The compounds form an oil which is then separated from the water as the essential oil of the plant.

Organic spearmint oil should be used whenever possible, as organically grown plants and less chemical contamination.

As with all essential oils, spearmint oil must never be directly applied to the skin. It has to be diluted into a neutral carrier oil such as jojoba or olive oil before use on the hair or scalp.

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How can spearmint oil help your hair grow faster?

Spearmint oil contains chemical compounds such as carvone and limonene which have been shown to kill certain organisms. These compounds give the oil its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

This makes spearmint oil an effective treatment for reducing dandruff and scalp inflammation. It also has a cooling effect on the scalp, which is helpful for relieving an itchy or dry scalp.

Spearmint oil also stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth and improves hair health. This oil has also been shown to increase the amount of time that the hair remains in the follicle before shedding, which is wonderful for length retention.

Are there any side effects?

Almost all essential oils can cause allergic reactions in certain people who are sensitive to the plants that the oils are extracted from. If you have a citrus allergy for example, you would be allergic to sweet orange essential oil since it is derived from a citrus plant.

Additionally, the concentration of the essential oil in the mixture you are using will also determine whether or not it is likely to cause a skin reaction.

Be careful of buying essential oil blends from unknown suppliers, as it is important to know that the oils are blended by someone with knowledge of the safe amount of each oil to use in a blend.

It is important to strike the right balance of using enough oil to get the desired effect, but not too much to cause skin irritation.

Spearmint oil is relatively safe to use. Because it is milder than peppermint oil, due to its lower menthol content, spearmint oil is also less likely than peppermint oil to cause skin irritation.

How do I use spearmint oil for hair growth?

As I stated above, spearmint oil is too strong to be used directly on the scalp. It must be diluted with another milder oil such as jojoba or almond oil. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of spearmint oil to your shampoo or conditioner.

If you have sensitive skin or a history of skin irritations, you should perform a patch test on a small area of your skin prior to using spearmint oil on your hair and scalp.

If you’re looking for a high quality essential oil blend, you can find our Indara Naturals Soothing Growth Oil here. This lightweight scalp treatment is 100% organic and contains spearmint oil along with 11 other essential oils proven to accelerate hair growth and relieve certain scalp conditions. 

For maximum hair growth, you should use your essential oil mix once daily. Apply a light coating of the oil to your scalp and massage it in for 3-5 minutes. Massaging the oil into your scalp helps to stimulate the circulation to blood vessels that feed your hair follicles.

You can start to see results in as little as one week, however it may take up to 60 days of consistent use before you see a noticeable difference.

The oil should be applied to the scalp only, and does not need to be applied to length of your hair. Since these oils work by being absorbed through the skin, there is no added benefit to using them on your hair.


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Other tips for hair growth

While you are using your growth oil, it is important to also follow a good hair care routine to ensure that you are creating the best environment for your hair to thrive.

Don’t wear tight styles that pull and stress your edges. This includes braids, cornrows, and even ponytails. If you feel any tension around your hairline when you turn your head or frown, this is an indication that your style is too tight. 

Wash your hair every 1-2 weeks depending on your hair’s needs. Use a sulfate-free cleanser to keep your hair from becoming dehydrated. Keep your hair moisturized with a water based leave in conditioner or moisturizer like the one available here. Pay special attention to your ends to help reduce split ends and breakage.

Trim your hair on a regular schedule to prevent any split ends from spreading. This will help to ensure that the extra inches you have grown will stay on your head instead of breaking or having to be cut due to poor maintenance. Your hair should be trimmed every 8 to 16 weeks depending on your needs. Even if you use high quality products and are very careful with your hair, you still need to trim your ends regularly.

If you are wearing wigs, weaves, or other protective styles, make sure that you are keeping your hair clean and moisturized underneath. A clean and healthy scalp gives your hair follicles the best environment for growing strong, healthy hair.

Lastly, be sure that you are drinking enough water each day, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough Vitamin D and Zinc to promote healthy hair growth. 

With regular use, spearmint and other essential oils will help you to grow your hair and have healthier hair over all.


Now that you know how spearmint oil can help set you on the path to longer, healthier hair, you can begin incorporating this essential oil into your hair care regimen. Remember to look for high quality oils made with organic ingredients for best results. 

If you have additional questions about hair growth, use this link to sign up for one-on-one help with your hair.




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